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Mt Rosamond

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POINT (171.39058113 -42.94052773)
BV20 687 445
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Reference Title Grade Length Pro Quality Operations
 South East Ridge, 2 2

  • P1
  • Alpine (Technical) 2

Difficult to approach. The more desirable route either climbs the South Ridge from Whitehorn Pass descending onto the Cronin Glacier from the 2059m knoll, or makes a sidle then full ascent of the Cronin Glacier from the pass. Both routes gain the steep, exposed Southeast Ridge to the summit. Whitehorn Pass is reached by sidling the slopes from Harman Pass, then ascending snowslopes to the pass. Beware of deep crevasses on all snow and ice routes in this region.

E1470535 N5244847 E1470535 N5244847Northeast Ridge, 18,2+,IV,2 18,2+,IV,2 0m

From Ariels Tarns. Drop northwest down gullies into the stream and cross it, ascending the scree above onto a shoulder of the northeast ridge running to the 1809m point. Continuing on up the NE ridge, the first major obstacle is soon encountered where the ridge narrows to a pinch and is intersected by the vertical fault scrap. The resulting deep notch in the ridge is approx 2m wide, exposed and must be carefully navigated.
The final third of the NE ridge feature a couple of gendarmes that can be turned on the Whitehorn Pass side.
Once point 2059m is reached, drop onto Cronin Glacier to avoid the initial section of rocky obstacles before regaining the meandering SE ridge of Rosamond and following it to the summit. This involves making your way up through a very loose rock step halfway along the SE ridge.
Notes: Avalanches sweep the Whitehorn Pass and ice-field area in Winter/Spring. The notch on the ridge is very difficult to climb through, consider your options, and don't fall!

  • P1
  • 18
  • Alpine (Technical) 2+
  • Alpine (Commitment) IV
  • Alpine (Mt Cook) 2