Spenser Mountains

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The Spenser Mountains are at the southern end of Nelson Lakes National Park, north of Lewis Pass. Several peaks are named after characters in Edmund Spenser’s allegorical poem, The Faerie Queene. Many of the early explorers were evidently literate men. For example, Frederick Weld (a surveyor) named Lake Tennyson; William Travers (a solicitor) named the Spensers and Faerie Queene; Julius Haast named Mt Una.


Matakitaki River
From Downies Hut a track follows the Matakitaki River to its major fork in about 4 hours. There are huts in both the East Branch (East Matakitaki Hut, 6 bunks, standard) and the West Branch (Bobs Hut, 8 bunks, standard), about two hours further upstream. The Spenser peaks can also be reached from Lake Tennyson and from the Lewis Pass.
Maruia and Waiau Rivers
These valleys provide ‘back door’ access to Nelson Lakes National Park. To access the southern Spenser Mountains walk along the St James Walkway from Lewis Pass. It is two hours to Cannibal Gorge Hut (16 bunks, serviced), or three hours to Ada Pass Hut (14 bunks, serviced). the original Māori name for the gorge (and hut) is Maruia - the same name given to the river which flows through the gorge. Tumatakokiri and Ngāi Tahu iwi battled here after Werata Tainui stole a wife, Kokore, and because Tau of Ngāi Tahu killed Kehu's father at Koriri (Arnold River).

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