Barron Ridge

(7 routes)

Barron Ridge runs between Hunts Creek and the Rolleston River.

Ski Touring.

Climb up the steep track from Otira that goes up the ridge on the northern side of Goat Creek (another track, 2km south of Otira, is overgrown). It’s 800 metres climb to where the slopes ease off, and where the snowline often is, at around 1200 metres. Head west through high basins for 2km to the summit of Mount Barron (1730m). On the south side of the peak there is a ski basin that descends into the upper Holts Creek where a campsite may be made. An extended trip could continue along the Barron Range to Lake Florence and beyond.
On the other side of the Otira Valley, near the confluence of Barrack Creek, a track climbs through the bush to the bushline at about 1200m and onwards to the summit of Goat Hill (1656m). There is a ski basin in the head of Barrack Creek.

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