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Diamond Lake

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The expansive hillside on Rocky Mountain, north of the Mt Aspiring Road. It comes into view just as you leave Lake Wānaka behind. The climbing is as good, if not better, than Hospital Flat. The southern aspect creates a striking contrast between summer and winter. In winter it is frigid, often with icicles hanging from the cliffs, but summer is perfect with shade all day and respite from the searing heat. The cliffs can be slow to dry after heavy rain and can remain damp due to groundwater seeping from the hill above. During a good cold winter Diamond Lake can freeze over and skating is possible. Once the warm north-west winds of spring kick in and the ice melts, the area comes alive with bird song, frogs croaking, walkers walking and climbers climbing.

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The Diamond Lake car park is 18km from Wānaka and 400m past the Hospital Flat car park There are three main groups of crags, between 15 and 45 minutes from the car park. Many are scattered along the track up Rocky Mountain, which is worth the walk in its own right.

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