Why Wall

(7 routes)

Why wall is the steep wall left of the Bo-Peep slab bounded by As good as it gets (21) on the left and In your face (21) on the right.

North West
Walk time: 
Reference Title Grade Length Quality Bolts Gone Natural pro Link to edit content
1 As Good as it Gets 21 20m
3 Why? 24
Richard Turner 2003
2 Why not? 26 15m
If you were confused on where the routes go, there is now another variation to confuse you. Takes the first 3 bolts of Why? then blasts up the headwall to the left of the original route past another 3 bolts.
Mark Brignole 2005
4 Animated Suspension 26 15m
Another Rich Turner special.From the first bolt of Why? - just right of the arete route As good as it gets (21), diagonal right, crossing two cruxy roofs then up to the big scoop.
Richard Turner 2004.
Just Cause 26
Bit of an endurofest. Currently 10 bolts but it may finish lower. Starts up Animated Suspension then breaks right at the 4th bolt and then up via the rail at the top of Snatch, and on up through scroggly shit that falls off a lot currently finishing at the belay of Status Anxiety
Mark Brignole 2008
5 Animated Snatch 26 15m
Starts up Snatch for its first 5B then joins the last two bolts of Animated Suspension to include the cruxes of both.
Mark Brignole
6 Snatch 25 15m
Start below and left of the Cracking up/Status anxiety ramp. Steep and juggy.Continue slightly left and up to the belay.
http://paynesford.blogspot.com/. Simon Middlemass

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