Haast Range

(11 routes)

The Haast range of mountains is a wild extension of Mount Aspiring running
out west towards the sea and becoming more isolated the further from Colin Todd Hut you get. The peaks are described in order starting nearest Aspiring. Stargazer, Skyscraper, Moonraker and Mainroyal are romantic names commemorating the sails of the tall ships and given to the peaks of the Haast Range by Gerhard Mueller in 1885.


Mount Aspiring and the Bonar Glacier is usually reached from Pearl Flat.
Via the West Matukituki http://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/tracks-and-walks/otago/wanak...
Bevan Col accesses Colin Todd Hut, which can be used as a base for the North Buttress, North West Ridge, South West Ridge and the Haast Range.
‡ Note. In winter or early spring it is recommended to use the French Ridge access routes to get to the Bonar Glacier. After the spring avalanche cycle, or when the Quarterdeck becomes impassable, use the Bevan Col route.

-44.338000000000, 168.726900000000
E39 694 434
CA11 594 817
Allen Uren & John Cocks


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Mountain Stargazer (2 routes)
Mountain Rolling Pin (3 routes)
Mountain Mainroyal (1 route)
Mountain Skyscraper (2 routes)
Mountain Spike (1 route)
Mountain Moonraker (2 routes)
Mountain Fingals Head (0 routes)
Mountain Mt Duncan (0 routes)
Mountain Mt Watney (0 routes)