Separation Stream

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Drains from the southern side of Mt D'Archiac


The Separation Stream drains from the southern side of Mt D’Archiac and joins the Godley Valley about 1.5 km from the lower Godley Lake. It is at this point, the southern side of the stream, that most parties leave their 4WD vehicles before walking to Godley Hut or venturing up Separation Stream itself.

The walk up Separation Stream to Separation Col is enjoyable but a little deceptive. For those heading to the col, after having driven in late in the day, there is a 1100m climb from the Godley Valley. In winter this travel can be slowed considerably by deep snow.

Follow the stream mostly on the true right to the Separation Glacier. Depending on conditions, ascend the glacier on the true right and continue up to Separation Col (2256m). Most parties bivvy or tent near to the col or slightly toward Mt Coates. Superb views of Aoraki/Mt Cook are possible on a good day from Coates, not to mention Mt D’Archiac.
The South West Ridge, South Face and South East Ridge of Mt D’Archiac can all be accessed from either the Separation Glacier or Col.

Ski tour option: Separation Stream to Ballium Snowfield.

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