The Dome

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The highest point on the ridge between the Edwards and Waimakariri valleys, best climbed as part of a Polar Range traverse between the Edwards River and Sudden Valley Stream.

-42.977399840000, 171.664295200000
K33 011 025
BV20 911 408
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From Lower Edwards Valley I 1
Climbed from the lower Edwards Valley by a scree slide (use the true left gutter) about 2km above the first gorge (1km below the East Edwards junction). Other approaches can be made through the forest opposite Klondyke Corner.
J Gill, R S Odell, 14 December, 1930
From Sudden Valley Biv I 1
Ascend the vegetated ridge behind the Sudden Valley Biv, turning northwest to avoid steepening broken slopes. Once the main ridge is reached, it is a relatively easy traverse along its back (most annoyances can be turned on the East Edwards side) to attain the final climb up onto The Dome. This route, though high, may also be used to return to the lower Edwards River (summer only): continue along the ridge onto Point 1920m, dropping true right to a very small 'green' tarn. Continue sidling to the head of a very large scree slope, descending directly to the valley floor.
Mt Wilson-Mt Scott-The Dome Traverse I 1
Ascend Mt Wilson or Scott: From Polar Range , leaving your un-necessary overnight equipment on the col just north of the 1853m point. Ascend Mts Wilson and Scott using the rotten rock ridge from the col (Grade. 1+). Recovering your equipment, it is best to sidle high on the screes true-left of East Edwards River to avoid the following 2km of loose, rotten ridgeline. A camp below the 1669m saddle is the best option. Regain the ridge at this point, climbing the buttressed face onto the Dome. Easy walking follows onto the 1920m summit, dropping true-right to a very small green tarn. Continue sidling to the head of the very large scree slope, descending directly to the lower Edwards Valley.
From Lower the Waimakariri River II 2
Approached via Douglas Stream or Red Beech Stream near the Cora Lynn siding on the Midland Railway (northern side of the Waimakariri River). Both of these approaches are very difficult in terms of waterfall, bluff and thick vegetation obstacles below the treeline. Once out of the jungle on Douglas Stream a very steep rock amphitheatre is encountered. A steep scree on the true-left, adjacent the bush, gives access to the steep Southeast Ridge of the Dome. Alternatively sidle across under the Dome to the gully above the waterfalls and ascend its West Ridge. In winter this area is avalanche prone. (Grade 2-) The head of Red Beech Stream leads to easy scree slides that access the main ridgelines of the Dome. (Grade. 1+) Attempt these routes as ascents only! (i.e. Don’t come down them!)

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