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Sladden Saddle

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This saddle is situated between Mts Sealy and Massey and allows easy passage between the Metelille and Sladden Glaciers.

POINT (170.0413 -43.7642)

Sladden Saddle is commonly used as part of the ‘high route’ to Barron Saddle Hut. It should be noted that after a southerly storm significant slab avalanche risk exists on the lee side. Several parties have been caught out in the past.

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 Sladden Saddle Traverse Ski Touring, II II 0m

The upper level traverse is more interesting and challenging. This involves traversing around the toe of the ridge that runs north off Mt Darby (grid ref 695125) at 2000 metres altitude. Take care here, there is possibility of rock and icefall from above, there are bluffs below you and depending on conditions skis may need to be removed for a short section of rock scrambling. Then skin up the broad Sladden Glacier to Sladden Saddle at 2344 metres – 2 to 2 ½ hours from the hut.
Sladden Saddle gets quite heavily loaded with snow after southerly storms, so beware in these conditions. Also the slope down from the saddle onto the Metelille Glacier is north-facing and therefore gets the direct sun, which is worth remembering if you’re arriving in the middle of the day in spring/summer. Once down on the Metelille, hold your height, skiing northwards on the west side of the ridge under the Annette Plateau, eventually reaching a point west or NW of Kitchener. Then it’s skins on for the final 150 vertical metres or so up to Mueller Hut.
The Annette Plateau itself is a great ski run and a worthy skiing destination from Mueller Hut.

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  • Alpine (Commitment) II

Alex Palman