The Sunset Boulders

(3 routes)

The advantage to these 2 boulders is that they are the easiest to find. From
the car park, they are on top of the first hill to the right. One of the boulders is
so prominent it can be seen from half way down the road! The disadvantages
are that they need a to be cleaned as they are a bit out of the way in regards to
the other rocks, they have no routes yet, and the "to be" lines aren't all that

Reference Title Grade Length Quality Bolts Gone Natural pro Link to edit content
project -4
On the small boulder just down hill from the "big" boulder, there is a fun looking 1 move wonder from a sit start that finishes with a grovely mantle.
Project -4
On the "big" boulder, there looks to be a good line up the broken left arete.
Project -4
The slightly overhung face of the "big" boulder.