Red Lion Col

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Access from the County Glacier is not normally difficult, and this is the usual approach to the West
Ridge of Mt Evans. The Evans Glacier side, however, is relatively steep and sustained, with conditions
varying markedly from year to year. Although occasionally used by climbing parties, schrunds and
minor ice bulges can give problems, particularly later in the season. Photos from 50 years ago show
much the same. People have also sidled from the Bracken to Red Lion Col, but this is not recommended.
John Pascoe, Gavin Malcolmson, Priestley Thomson (County side, after descending from Mt Evans),
1 January 1934 ; Stan Conway, Geoff Harrow, Ray Chapman, Ed Cotter, Bill Hannah, Peter Bain
(from Evans Glacier), December 1953

-43.188219000000, 170.918341000000