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Rangitata River


The Rangitata River is formed by the confluence of the Havelock River and the Clyde River. The southern Two Thumb Range sits on the true right of the Rangitata River. Significant peaks extend from Graf Spee, at the head of The Growler (a tributary of the Havelock River), to Mt Caton at the head of Black Birch Creek.

POINT (170.910702 -43.604013)
BX18 314 700

Rangitata River vehicle access
A DOC car park exists just beyond Mesopotamia Station and all 2WD cars should be left there. River conditions permitting, 4WDs can be taken beyond Mesopotamia Station and on up the Havelock valley as far as the confluence with Eric Stream, providing vehicle access to St Winifred Hut and Eric (Agony Island) Bivouac. Contact the station to get up-to-date river conditions (Malcolm and Sue Prouting, phone 03 696 3738). The usual route follows a reasonable 4WD track to the vicinity of Carneys Creek and then crosses to the middle of the riverbed to pick up the track to Curtis Memorial Hut (opposite the Forbes River). From here the route continues up the true left until opposite St Winifred Hut. A more difficult route also exists on the true right until Mistake Flats and the Mistake Flats Hut are reached.
Bush Stream
There is a marked DOC tramping route up Bush Stream, which provides partial access to straightforward climbs of Mt Caton, Pt 2303 metres and Mt Pattison.

  • Dog Kennel Hut (DOC) : A two-person bivvy in Black Birch Stream.
  • Crooked Spur Hut (DOC) : An eight-person hut in Bush Stream.
  • Black Mountain Hut (Mesopotamia Station) : Can be booked ; ask the station for permission.
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