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The Three Sisters

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Good on a hot day. The Three Sisters is a group of cliffs on the south side of Mt Pleasant, about 100m below the radio masts on the summit and (mainly) just below the Crater Rim Walkway. Away from the maddening crowds the whole area overlooks the port of Lyttelton and the climbs have a very picturesque setting among cliffs and native bush.
There are some good short routes which are usually soloed on the Baby Brother. The cliffs are well sheltered from winds from a north west to north east quarter, except the Baby Brother, which is exposed to the west.
The Baby Brother is on the ridge west of the West Sister, and faces south and west.
Twisted Sister is a steep south-facing trachyte cliff, similar to the Middle Sister, though with less afternoon sun. The rock has amazing friction, though there are a few crumbly bits, especially in areas of light traffic. There are about 20 climbs ranging in grade from 17 to 26. Chains are being installed at the top of most routes.
The crag with the most routes, the middle sister is directly below the antenna farm. The track passes directly across the top, to get to the base either follow the steep  track on either  side, or abseil in down judge and jury.
Ugly Sister has had a range of sport routes added in the early 2000s mainly by Tony Burnell


As for Lyttleton Rock. Access is from the Summit Road where the Major Hornbrook Track crosses on its way down to Lyttelton, between the top of Mt Pleasant and the Mt Cavendish. From the gate the first small buttress to the East, (Suzie's Slab) is visible. From there an obvious track leads over to and around under Lyttleton Rock eastbound, towards the gun implacements.
The promantory south of the track where at the top of a small climb is the Baby Brother.
On top of the Baby Brother you are able to view eastwards and see parts of Twisted & Middle Sisters.
The track goes downhill, (west-east) below the track are Twisted, Middle & Ugly Sisters.
Above the track are Trackside, Crag V & Crag W. As you climb back up to the gun implacements the crag on the right is Crag X

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Type Name
Sector Ugly Sister
Sector Middle Sister
Sector Twisted Sister
Sector Baby Brother

The best approach to the Middle and Twisted Sisters, is turn off the track between the Middle &Twisted Sisters and access between the crags. It is a bit overgrown at the moment, but traffic will improve this. There is a bit of earthquake damage on the Twisted Sister but generally ok. Middle Sister has some major damage on the left hand end of the crag, with the loss of of some of the classic routes.

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Turn off the track about 20m past the gully leading down between middle and twisted sisters, down a "hole" in the vegetation on the side of the track to avoid the worst of the nettle. Long pants recommended

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By Lindsay Main, other added in climbs by Tony Burnell
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