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Deception River

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From Goat Pass, a marked track through the scrub descends to the upper Deception River. The route now takes the form of scrambles, rock-hopping down the riverbed, and adjacent bush; very rarely is it on a marked trail. The Upper Deception Hut is reached in approximately one hour, on the true right. Continue in or beside the riverbed for a further 2 1/2 hours until it opens out to a large flat, on the true left just below Gorge Creek. Past the flat, the river narrows into a gorge. A footbridge spans the river at this point. Maintain the true left side of the riverbed, descending on down the lower gorge for two more hours to the open flat where the Otira River meets the Deception River. Cross the Deception to the true right before the junction. The Morrison Footbridge across the Otira River is just north of the confluence.
Note: The Mingha-Deception route is all but impossible in times of heavy rain, or rapid snow melt!

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