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Matiri Valley


Ah, Lake Matiri Slabs. Beautiful location and .... Slab. Two known bolted routes, and lots of room of future development in the valley if your into long easy/moderate sandstone slab climbing. Can be climbed year round. Stay at the Lake Matiri Hut and make a weekend out of it... little tramp with a little casual climbing. Also note that the bolting is a little sparse, 6 draws and two 60m ropes will cover ya on the way up and back down.

3 1/2 hrs
North West
POINT (172.339145 -41.664079)
BR23 443 875

Access is via the Matiri Valley track. Directions to the crag are a little vague, and involve 30 - 45 minutes of off-track bush travel to get to the base of the climbs.
From the Lake Matiri Hut, walk back along the trail towards the car park until the first creek crossing (approx. 10 - 15 min) [S 41° 39.724' E 172° 19.855' / -41.662066 172.330921].
Walk down this small bushy creek on the true right (on a rough formed track) to the first outlet stream from the lake [S 41° 39.719' E 172° 20.013' / -41.661983 172.333553].
Cross 20m upstream of where the creek meets the stream and then cross the second outlet stream at large rocks [S 41° 39.739' E 172° 20.050' / -41.662320 172.334165].
Now head more towards lake to make third outlet stream crossing close to lake (wade). Strike up the hill keeping to the large trees for about 300m before trending right up a rocky drainage for another 200m to arrive at the base of the slab [S 41° 39.845' E 172° 20.349' / -41.664079 172.339145].

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Reference Title Grade Length Pro Quality Operations
Wrestling With the Razorback 18 245m 4