Pigeon Bay

(39 routes)

This is crag is some of the results of Allan Hill"s many forays out to the penninsula.

Access details and exact loacation are doubt, but more information will surface as more information is found out.
East side of the bay. Several side valleys cut down to the shoreline and all contain cliffs. Finding the right valley is the hard bit!

3rd valley along! 1.5km past the stand of eucalyptus below the first gate on the farm road.

Has two obvious cliffs on the LH side of the valley. The lower one has a concave feature, and just above is a second cliff:

Descriptions By Allan Hill.


Type Title Link to edit content
Wall Lower Right Cliff (2 routes)
Wall Upper Right Cliff (1 route)
Wall Upper Left Cliff (7 routes)
Wall Fenceline Cliff (16 routes)
Wall Three Crack Cliff (3 routes)
Wall Level Left Cliff (1 route)
Wall Lower Lefthand Cliff (1 route)
Wall Central Buttress (2 routes)
Wall Ridgeline Cliff (4 routes)
Wall Next valley over (2 routes)