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Manawatu Gorge


It's nothing great, but it's close to Palmy Nth. Ok, so we will assume that the only people REALLY interested in the Manawatu Gorge are from the Palmerston North area, so that is where this guide will base it's driving directions from.
Warning- The rock here is Greywhacke and is therefore not the most solid of climbing mediums. Be aware that over time routes may change slightly as holds may break. On this note, it is advisable to wear helmets while climbing/ belaying here. Also, as stated for all climbing areas in the Gorge, mind your valuables in the car as that theft can be a problem.

POINT (175.7980936 -40.31796475)
BM35 377 332

From downtown Palmy, hop on Main St. heading east, Main St. becomes State Highway 3. Follow Hwy 3 east
towards Woodville. Just after the turn off for State Highway 57 there is a big
car park on the left side of the road (this is the parking area for the gorge hiking
track). This is a good landmark to base odometer readings for the 3 climbing
areas through the gorge, so when you get to this point, keep track of your
distance travelled. For the sake of directions, this parking area will just be
referred to as the start of the gorge. On a side note.... it is technically illegal to
park anywhere along the road while driving in the gorge, though many of the
pull-offs can (and often do) happily accommodate a few cars. It should also be
mentioned that the gorge is unfortunately well known for break-ins, so it is
recommended that if you park at any of the locations mentioned it is advisable
to lock your car and leave all valuables out of site (or take them with you.

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Type Name
Sector Bay 1
Sector White Horse Rapids
Sector Balance Bridge Area
Hosted on by Cliff Ellery. Written by Matt Natti.