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North East Gorge Stream


This tributary of the Macaulay River provides access to the eastern Two Thumb Range – a cluster of distinct rocky peaks surrounded by extensive scree slopes, with summits linked by ridges of variable quality. There is very little permanent snow and, in the height of summer, water can be scarce in the upper valleys.
While climbing in the area in 1941, Tom Beckett with Pat and Bob Clark-Hall named several summits after ships that fought in the Second World War battle of the River Plate, a conflict in which many New Zealanders were involved.

POINT (170.6680859 -43.63260593)

Public access exists on the true right of North East Gorge Stream, from the confluence with the Macaulay River. However, the most practical route is via Mt Gerald Station land on the true left. Contact the runholder for route details and permission (Michael Burtscher, phone 03 680 6512).
Camping in tussock and minor scrub exists at the confluence of North East Gorge and Trojan Streams.
Many routes from here involve a scree slog until the summit rocks are reached.

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Yvonne Cook and Geoff Spearpoint,
in association with the Canterbury Mountaineering Club