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Black Birch Creek

POINT (170.833197 -43.590463)

The lower part of Black Birch Creek is gorged in two sections. The lower section of gorge can be followed in, or close to, the stream bed, briefly using a short section of trail on the true right. The upper section of gorge should usually be avoided by climbing 50 metres or so up a scree slope and traversing the bushy slopes of Mt Brabazon, keeping high on the true right. Once out of the bush, descend a small spur down to river flats and beech forest in upper Black Birch Creek.
The south branch of Black Birch Creek provides access to Tom Thumb Col and hence The Thumbs and Split Peaks, while the north branch provides access to The Thumbs, Priam, Myrmidon, Achilles and Cassandra Col. Inkerman Saddle is a snow-grass and scree saddle providing ready access between Alma and Black Birch Creeks.

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Type Name
Mountain The Thumbs
Yvonne Cook and Geoff Spearpoint,
in association with the Canterbury Mountaineering Club