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Mount Evans

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On the west flank of Mount Evans are The Gang of Six (or seven) cliffs. This is a remote area with lots of rock, discovered by Lindsay Main and friends in the late 70s. Alan Hill rediscovered these crags in 1999, and until 2003 was prolific in putting up many trad routes .
The rock is compact columnar basalt, and the area deserves much more attention. It has the greatest number of routes of any Peninsula area, and many routes are of very good quality, and generally well-protected. The long walk is pleasant rather than strenuous, and the views spectacular.

1 hour
POINT (172.78048232 -43.64354034)
BX24 823 677

Three landowners must be phoned for permission.
Paul Dahl - 027 555 1292.
Richard Watson - 027 351 7409.
Richard Barnett - (03) 329 4690.
Drive to the saddle on the Purau-Port Levy Road (the Monument car-park), and walk along the west side of the fence. Follow the track over initial hill, then down through gate. Head across slope past isolated trees and contour through a gully above a water tank, ascending steadily while crossing the slope eastward. Eventually meet a track and climb up to the main ridge which is followed to a fenced paddock just before ridge begins to rise.
For Mao Tse-Tung, Martyr & Mainline cut down on the left and about 50m beyond the fence-line join a benched track which cannot be easily found from the ridge. Follow this along the contour, where it passes just below Mainline, and then Martyr. Climb the slope either side of Mainline to reach Mao-tse Tung. For Wok Face, Soup Bowl, Chopsticks and Horizon Cliff continue up the spur, skirting an outcrop with a scree slope on the left, then vague track through bracken to the right end of Wok Face. For the others continue northward at the same level, or go higher and drop down further along.

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Lindsay Main

See information about closure of the Mount Evans crags due to a goat-hunting programme.

Thu, 19/03/2020 - 21:33 Permalink

As the photo above shows, there's been a collapse from the middle of Mao Tse Tung Butt, put still plenty of good climbing here. Climbed on Mainline, Martyr and left end of Mao Buttress, and it's all good.

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Alan Hill