Gertrude Valley and Saddle

(27 routes)

Depart from Hommer Hut


Gertrude Saddle 1410m
The track starts from the shingle pit just east of Homer Hut, crosses a wooden bridge and follows a washed-out road beside the stream. Cross the stream just before the last piece of forest and follow the track through bush and sub alpine scrub to the open valley. At the head of the valley is the large cirque of the Barrier Face with the stream from Black Lake descending on the left. Follow the track on the south side of the stream, crossing it after 200m to scree slopes and slabs leading to Black Lake. While it’s a bit of a walk (one and a half hours), it is hard to imagine a nicer place for crag climbing, with swimming an option on warm days. To reach Gertrude Saddle follow the steel cables to the terrace above the lake and traverse across and up to the saddle.
Rock routes in the upper Gertrude Valley
There are a number of crags in the area around Black Lake offering single and multi-pitch slab climbing of varying quality. The Bog Farmer and Morning After slabs have excellent north-facing routes graded at 15 to 18. Other lines have been done on the south-facing slabs and walls between the Lake and Gertrude Saddle but these tend to be mossy. Sickle Crag is the pick of the bunch with adventurous routes from grades 18 to 22.

-44.742496000000, 168.011955000000
D40 152 953
CB09 051 335
Craig Jefferies


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Mountain Barrier Knob (31 routes)
Crag Sickle Crack Crag (5 routes)
Crag Bog Farmer Slabs (6 routes)
Crag Morning After Slab (4 routes)
Mountain Barrier Pk (9 routes)
Wall Barrier Bluffs (12 routes)
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