Transmitter Crag

(93 routes)

Sport crag near the Sign of the Kiwi with about 89 bolted routes from 8 to 15m high( four are 23 m high ).

The crag gets sun from the morning to mid afternoon.


In the summer of 1999-2000, Alex Palman and friends, (Mary Butler, Ivan Vostinar, Karen Ashbury, Max Farr, Kate Finnerty, Jon Sedon & Daniel Jenkins) were the first to develop and climb at Transmitter.
Through the rest of 2000, new routes were added in by, Tony Burnell, Jason Tweedie, Lindsay Main, Stu Allan & Marcus Thomas.
In 2001 Andrew Buist & John Iseli followed up by developing a few more new routes, setting up nearly 50 climbs at Transmitter.

In the summer of 2012-2013 the Canterbury/ Westland section of the NZAC cleaned up some easy terrain and installed a few easier sport climbs. At the same time a few of the harder gaps and other outlying crags, have been plugged by the usual suspects from around the district.

In April 2016 the Christchurch Adventure Park leased the valley for development of a mountain bike park, and the area was closed to the public while this was being developed. In February 2017, two months after the park opened, the Port Hills fire burned through the area, destroying the forest in much of the valley. The Adventure Park has had to close the crag to climbers, but worked hard since then to remove burnt trees from the area.

The slip from the July 2022 storms has now been cleared and the Adventure Park have opened access again from 1 November 2022. Christchurch Adventure Park has worked in partnership with the Alpine Club to reinstate access to Transmitter Crag. The southern part of the crag, the First Crag and NZAC Crag, are reopening for climbing in June 2019, under strict conditions.


The crag will be open only to members of the New Zealand Alpine Club. Due to the Health & Safety responsibilities of the Adventure Park, all NZAC members are required to sign-in once they arrive at the Park and to access the crag via the chairlift only, for a fee of $5.

To speed up the sign-in process, ring the Adventure Park in advance of arriving. All members must have their Alpine Club membership number and climbing gear with them in order to sign-in and access the Lift.

The Alpine Club has established a valuable relationship with the Park which we are keen to continue, so all members must respect the rules of the Park!

You will receive further information regarding access paths etc. once you arrive at the Park to sign-in.

North East
Walk time: 
15 min

Access to Transmitter Crag is only permitted via the chairlift.

From the chairlift top station walk down the spur and take a rough track downhill just left of the chairlift. Do not use the mountain bike trails.

After about 200 metres you will meet a road running across the slope. Follow this for about 50 metres to a wandering line of six waratah markers with orange caps which mark the route down through pine tree seedlings. Follow the meandering track, which swings south into the trees briefly before switching back to the First Crag.

Follow a mix of markers - fluoro paint, flagging tape, and bamboo canes - down the slope and along the base of the crag.

-43.607170330000, 172.634454390000
M36 805333
BX24 705 717
Lindsay Main, previous website. Updated from pdf by Tony Burnell. 2014


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Just a heads up that might save some time. When you register to access the crag you should be given a radio and hi-vis vest to take with you. Some staff don't seem to know this is the case so you might want to check before you get to the chair lift or you may end up waiting for these to be delivered after you get to the top. The path at the moment is pretty overgrown - nothing that a few extra people trampling down wouldn't solve though. :)

In case anyone was wondering, as of the 7th of January 2017 Transmitter is still closed according to Adventure Park.

Transmitter Crag will be CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC from 4th April 2016 to approximately October / November 2016 while the development and completion of the Christchurch Adventure Park is under way. The new owners, Select Evolution appreciate your understanding and patience while this work is undertaken and is considered a health and safety issue with tree felling, heavy machinery in use and an overall construction area. Once the work is complete, Transmitter crag will once again be open to the public.