St Arnaud Range

(40 routes)

Most climbing on the St Arnaud Range is accessed from the upper Wairau valley, but the range can also be reached from Lake Rotoiti and the Travers River in Nelson Lakes National Park.


Most peaks are reached from tributaries of the Wairau beyond a locked gate at Six Mile Creek. From St Arnaud head towards Blenheim on SH63 for 9km, then turn onto the skifield road. After about 3.5km the road is joined on the left by that from the homestead, 1.5km back down-valley. Continue from the homestead turn-off for 13km to the locked gate. Beyond here you pass the Hamilton River (6.5km from the gate) and Connors Creek (12km). To get into the Rainbow Valley, turn right onto a 4WD track just before the road swings left to cross the Wairau River, 15km from the locked gate. Park near the pylons. The farm manager no longer permits 4WD vehicles up the riverbed. Rough but okay for mountain bikes.
Access to the western side of the St Arnaud Range is from the shores of Lake Rotoiti or from the Travers Valley. From St Arnaud, a track leads to the range via Parachute Rocks (1470m) in about 2½ hours. A range traverse south, towards Rainbow Skifield and Mt McRae is a good day trip, particularly for ski touring. Access down to Lake Rotoiti is easy in several places. Easy ridge travel and good ski touring along the range from Pk 1880m (above St Ronans Well) almost to the Camel.

-42.059200000000, 172.731300000000
M30 878 053
BS24 778 436


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Valley Rainbow Skifield (0 routes)
Mountain Mt McRae and Pk 1915m (2 routes)
Mountain The Camel (2 routes)
Mountain Cotterell Pk (5 routes)
Mountain Mt Chittenden (3 routes)
Mountain Pt 2136 (1 route)
Mountain Pt 2142 (1 route)
Mountain Pt 2152 (3 routes)
Mountain Pt 2156 (2 routes)
Mountain Pt 2140 (1 route)
Pass Begley Saddle (1 route)
Mountain Kehu Pk (10 routes)
Mountain Mt McKay (3 routes)
Mountain Pt 2138 (1 route)
Mountain Mt Paske (3 routes)
Mountain Belvedere Pk (2 routes)
Pass Paske Saddle (0 routes)
Valley Hamilton River (0 routes)
Valley Connors Creek (0 routes)