Valley of the Oceans

(4 routes)

Access from Jardiens Boulder Field (or Queens Drive, alternatively) to the Valley of the Oceans: Atlantis Wall, Indian Ocean Wall, Atlantic Wall, Pacific Wall, Ocean Wall, Lower Ocean Wall

Walk time: 
3 hrs.

Access to this valley is from Jardiens
Boulder Field or by dropping down from Queens Drive.
Both access routes take between -3 hours, depending on
which cliff you are wishing to visit. The farmland access may be closed during
lambing or the roar, depending on what stock is in the various paddocks.

From Jardiens:
Follow the fence line for approx. 25 minutes. At a large black water tank, turn right and start following the trail up hill.

From Queens Drive:
In winter, watch out for avalanches in the gullies.
Access is complicated, but can be easy if you know the way. Best to get a good map or photo
of the area and make sure you drop into the right valley. This access is best
considered if you have already walked from the road up the valley, and then
onto Queens Drive. This way you will know where to go.

There are several good bivy spots in the Valley. Three possible options
are marked on the overall valley topo. There are plenty more. The first is less
than 40 minutes from the car so offers little value other than being a fantastic
bivy rock. The second is inside a small cave and has specular views. The
cave can sleep four but is not exactly luxurious. Higher up and closer to the
stream are good 1-3 person sleeping platforms although these do not provide
shelter from any rain.

Material extracted from "REMARKABLES ICE & MIXED FESTIVAL ICE & MIXED GUIDE," 2012. Edited and posted with permission.


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Wall Ocean Wall (1 route)
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Wall Atlantic Wall (1 route)
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