Donne Glacier

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The Donne Glacier Region
Glacier Creek rises steeply from the Hollyford Valley to the Donne Glacier. The Glacier is bordered by the giants of Mts Madeline and Tutoko in the south and Alice Peak to the north.


Glacier Creek to Donne Glacier
Follow a spur on the north bank of Glacier Creek through thick bush then pass over a rocky peak. Descend to the terminal face of the Donne Glacier. It’s at least a day and a half’s travel to the Donne Glacier from the start of Glacier Creek. At the foot of the Donne Glacier is a comfy bivvy site called Hip’s Hollow. Found in Jan 2001 by Dave Hiddleston and Anna Gillooly, it is located on the true right below the waterfall cascading from the lake.

Ngapunatoru Plateau to Donne Glacier
From the Plateau descend the western snow-slopes for 300m to pass a rock spur which drops down from Peak 2045m. Continue toward Tutoko to gain the South West Ridge before traversing to the toe of the North East Ridge. It is only a short drop to the col between the North East Ridge and Tutoko Knob which marks the start of the Donne Glacier. From the saddle, the descent to the Donne Glacier may require an abseil over a schrund.

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