Darran Pass

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A long climb from the Donne River on rock ledges and tussock. From the Pass traverse a small peak to the south before descending the scree to Lake Adelaide. Ascend the tussock fan north of Sentinel and traverse along the ridge to the north a short way before descending on rock slabs and tussock into the Donne Valley. Some steep thick bush may be encountered towards the river. First ascended by the face of Mihj. The route has been used to approach the upper Donne Basin.
First crossing by Russell Bernstone, Jim Milne, Richard Stewart, 1962.

-44.708245540000, 168.018381400000
D40 155 992
CB09 054 374
Craig Jefferies


From the Donne it's a bush free route if you head up the side creek to the avalanche-cleared slabs. The pass marked on the map is probably not the best crossing point (tricky bits on both sides). From Moraine Ck it's probably better to climb the rib below Pt 1870 (the real Mihj Pk) to slabs that lead up left (southwest) to the ridge, and then descend a short way to the pass just north of Pk 1644 (which is not Mihj Pk) – I didn't go that way, but the first party did.