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South Face, Central Gully

First ascent
Andrew Finnigan,
Sam Spector, June 2015
Located on

WI3- M4
Short walk to the head of the Glacier Burn valley where a fairly obvious line
goes up the South Face of Pt 2016. Climbed over two years ago so hazy on the
details...but this fine ice & mixed day trip is likely worthy of stars. Start
up WI3- ice; a direct start (~WI4) also looks possible. The middle part
involves your choice of climbing an ice smear or campussing tussock... A
right-to-left ramp then takes you from the upper part of the climb to near
the summit. From the top it's a cruisey walk east towards the saddle near Pt
1653 and an easy couloir back to the Glacier Burn.

  • P1
  • Water Ice WI3
  • Mixed M4