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Walk approximately 1 hour from
the carpark. Follow a dry creek bed
through open ground. After 1 hour
of bush bashing you arrive to another
hour of steep tussock climbing that
leads you into a snow gully. In the
gully if conditions are right there will
be many 20 - 200m high pillars. When
this area was first visited conditions
were quite warm and only four routes
were formed. There were the remains
of many more sitting on the gully floor.
The base of the routes is approximately
3 hours from the car. For the first ascent of Tubular
conditions were very thin and it was graded WI5R. It
is likely the climb will be a grade easier if you find it in fat
conditions. Descent from all multi-pitch routes is by walking
along the ridge at the top of the climbs and decending
down the main snow gully via a short WI2 down climb.

Reference Title Grade Length Quality Bolts Gone Natural pro Link to edit content
B1 Left Hand Start Tubular
This variation start looks around WI4 and will take the route to a full 200m long. Not formed when the area was first visited.
B2 Tubular WI5 ,WI4 ,WI5 160m
3 Pitches: Pitch 1: 70m WI4 to belay in alcove.
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3 Pitches: Pitch 1: 70m WI4 to belay in alcove.


WI4 to belay at the base of vertical pillar.


On the first ascent this was a completely detached free
standing pillar. The crux section was around 10cm thick.
This should fatten nicely in better conditions.

Daniel Joll, Danny Murphy, Matthias Kerkmann, 2012.
B3 Mr Konbucha LHS WI4
WI4+. Two short pitches up steep ice.
Jamie Vinton-Boot, Jono Clarke, 2012.
B4 Mr Konbucha RHS WI4
Start on RHS of ice flow two short pitches.
Jamie Vinton-Boot, Jono Clarke, 2012.
B5 Jono’s Leftovers WI3 30m
Short 30m pitch up steep ice.
Matthias Kerkmann, Danny Murphy, Daniel Joll, 2012.