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North West Ridge

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From the Emily Creek bridge on the Routeburn track follow the straight rocky gully to the southwest. This is the furthest true left gully of several creeks shown on the map that join Emily Creek above the bridge. Straightforward boulder travel leads to the 1200m contour. Here, leave the stream and sidle into the snowgrass basin, climbing to Emily Pass (1607m), the northern of two rocky guts right of Emily Peak.
From Lake McKenzie travel to Emily Pass is straightforward via "Split Rock Track" and then gravelbeds on the true left.
Head up from Emily Pass towards the wall of the North West Ridge, at which point a proper rock climb ensues. The technical difficulty is low, but the exposure can be as much as 200m+ and isn't for the inexperienced or faint hearted without rope. The rock can be loose and rock fall is heard frequently on the surrounding peaks.

  • P1
  • Alpine (Technical) 1
  • Alpine (Commitment) II