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South Ridge

First ascent
Steve Brockett, Bill Packard January 1947
Located on

From anywhere on the Arthur Glacier there is only one peak. It dominates the
valley completely, its long arms thrown around the head and along one side.
Its snows feed and form the mile-long glacier. Spurs running off the great
western ridge are truncated in huge bluffs. Cornices are palely blue, and the
summit shimmers four thousand feet above. It has all the majesty of Hopkins
combined with a lustrous beauty of its own. Bill Packard remarked wistfully
that McKerrow was a peak worth wooing, and I knew then that we were committed
to the climb. Steve Brockett, New Zealand Alpine Journal 1947.
From Mockery Col stay close to the ridge until the snowslopes are gained and
proceed up the snowfield to the summit. Schrunds en route are turned on both
west and east sides.

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