Ben Ohau Range

(208 routes)

-43.919700000000, 170.019500000000
H37 707 944
BY15 607 327
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Maps H37, H38 This large range of mountains lie to the west of Lake Pukaki, and east of the Dobson River. Access to the southern part of the range can be obtained from Flanagan’s Pass, via a road that climbs up from the eastern side of Lake Ohau. Climb up onto the range via the Suttons Face. The range can be followed north for 10km with pleasant travel along the tops and good basins to ski into on the eastern side of the range. Duncan Stream can be used for ski touring, and has attracted some interest from potential skifield developers. There is a DoC hut near the Twizel River at about 760 metres elevation. A DoC poled foot route leads from a carpark (not shown on the topomap) just south of Pukaki Downs station and 1km west of the main Mt Cook highway, up to the hut. With permission from the station (03) 435 0463, a 4WD vehicle might be taken part way. Continue up the valley to the north to get into the head of Duncan Stream. This upper basin can be linked with the Mackenzie Stream to the south to provide a round trip. The headwaters of Boundary Stream may also be accessed via the very head of Duncan Stream and the peak 2187. Whale Stream and Jacks Stream require a long walk to get in, but there is some excellent terrain in there. Local helicopter companies include Southern Lakes Helicopters operating out of Twizel, phone (03) 435 0370 or 0800 872 872, and The Helicopter Line operating out of Glentanner, near Mount Cook village, phone (03) 435 1801, or 0800 650 651.


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Mountain Mt Edgar Thomson (7 routes)
Pass Jamieson Saddle (1 route)
Mountain Mt Cran (10 routes)
Mountain Mt Lloyd (11 routes)
Pass Freds Stream Saddle (1 route)
Mountain Pt 2428 (5 routes)
Mountain Mt Brown (6 routes)
Crag Bush Stream (31 routes)
Mountain Mauka Atua (3 routes)
Mountain Kai Tarau (2 routes)
Mountain Mt Dark (4 routes)
Mountain Pt 2418 (3 routes)
Mountain Pt 2466 (2 routes)
Crag Twin Stream (95 routes)
Mountain Glentanner Pk (3 routes)
Mountain Ferintosh Pk (7 routes)
Mountain Pt 2306 (1 route)
Mountain Dun Fiunary (5 routes)
Mountain Pt 2319 (2 routes)
Mountain Kaimakamaka Pks (1 route)
Mountain Mackenzies Pk (2 routes)
Mountain Pt 2196 (1 route)
Mountain Backbone Pk (2 routes)
Pass Flanagan Pass (1 route)
Mountain Pt 1690 (0 routes)
Mountain Te Ruataniwha Ben Ohau (1 route)
Range The Black Hills (0 routes)