Sheridan Hills

(48 routes)

Ross McGarva and John Jamieson were the first climbers to visit Sheridan Hills in March of
1991. Bryce Martin tagged along on their second trip when they did their first climb, Hotter
Than a Very Hot Thing, adding one of his own, Hannah Louise, on the same day.
Bryce returned with Dave Garrity and they climbed “Arms Control” and “Canard” on their first
visit, then with regular visits through the winter added a further 36 routes.
Come spring and the light-weights came out to play: first Craig Miller for a brief stint before
emigrating to Canada, and then a team of newbie apprentices: Cliff Ellery, Dean Maxwell, and
Michael Camilleri.


Due to the presence of cattle in the area around this crag it is now mandatory to contact the landowners before accessing the property. This is related to biosecurity measures around M. Bovis. Please talk to Julie or Craig on 027 527 1744 BEFORE entering the property.
Land Owner: Julie and Craig Baker
Phone Number: 027 527 1744
Access: Access may be denied or restricted during lambing, September
through to August.
Parking: Park off to the side of the road opposite the crag taking care not to block any gates.

Attribution: hosted by Cliff Ellery, written by Michael Camilleri.


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Wall Western Wall (11 routes)
Wall Hidden Cirque (7 routes)
Wall Chunderosa Buttress (18 routes)
Wall Crows Nest Pinnacle (3 routes)
Wall Flying Cow Buttress (4 routes)
Crag Meteora Buttress (5 routes)

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