Orbell St

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About as accessible as it gets, must have been climbed on. Any info would be appreciated.

On Orbell St in Timaru there is a short line of basalt outcrops between 5 and 10 meters high. Amongst the broken and blocky sections there is a handful of faces with cracks, corners, aretes and slabs on mostly sound rock, ideal for bouldering and possibly even lead climbing if you don't mind topping out into a jungle. There are around 30 climbs, with a range of easy to moderate cracks, bridging grooves, fingery slabs and the occasional bulge.

North West
Walk time: 
1 - 5 min

At the top of Orbell St is "Top Town Park". The crag is in the small valley on the right hand side.

-44.383333350000, 171.214832990000
J39 677 456
BZ19 578 840
Robert Scott


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Crag Far Wall (0 routes)
Crag Halfpipe Rocks (6 routes)


Have there been any updates on this wall?

Doh! I always fall for that trick. Heading back down to Timaru in August, watch out Orbell St...

The inside of the gate has a latch that's separate from the padlocked part.

Access seems to have been cut off by a deer fence and a padlocked gate. Or did I miss something? Thanks for comments, heading back there in a couple of days and as mentioned the site certainly is accessible.

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EnjoOrbell St is not in any guide book that I have seen, go climbing and put something together. Enjoy!

Not sure which edition of RD South it's in. Possibly the first? May not have been added in the end. Tried to contact Ivan for the info but was not successful. Next option would be to climb the problems and add them based on that.

Here's the flickr link: www.flickr.com/photos/45577132@N07/4187386664/
Grade suggestions seem about right, and it shows some of the stand out lines. There's a fair bit more though.

Definitely a couple that would take gear and go to the top.

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Please feel free to just add it. There is nothing in RD South, and where is the commercial sensitivity?

Heading to Timaru this week and hoping the weather will allow some climbing. I can get the MojoZone site mentioned here but not the Flickr link that coli_me mentions. I gather Ivan Vostinar has published the 30 odd problems that he and Rich worked on in Rock Deluxe South. What is the process or protocol of getting that information onto this site? Or is it commercial and I just need to buy the book?

I am still pretty sure I had heard of it before, but here is the info I remember reading back on the old MojoZone site: http://web.archive.org/web/20130210072517/http://mojozone.co.nz/forum/ti...
The link to the pics on Flickr is still valid too.

Sounds vaguely familiar, must have either seen it in an old guide at some point or it might well have been mentioned on the old mojozone site. I don't remember seeing any proper route descriptions or such though...
I'll have a poke around and see if I can dig up the info.