Inland Kaikōura Range

(19 routes)

On a clear winter's day the snowclad peaks of the Inland Kaikoura Range are a dramatic feature, easily visible from the Marlborough plains and from many vantage points to the west and south.
No information has been found for the remote 2000-2400m peaks on the Inland range south of those described below. Access to these presents few challenges from the Clarence Valley, apart from remoteness and long ridges.
Climbs to the Seaward Kaikoura peaks from Fidget Stream and Dubious Stream are seldom done due to the remote access.
Ka Whata Tu o Rakihouia Clarence Conservation Park straddles the Seaward Kaikōura Range and includes the eastern side of the Inland Kaikōura Range.

-42.116100000000, 173.471600000000
O30 490 989
BS27 390 372


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Mountain Pinnacle (1 route)
Mountain Crow’s Nest (1 route)
Mountain Tapuae-o-Uenuku (8 routes)
Mountain Mt Alarm (4 routes)
Mountain Mitre Pk (2 routes)
Mountain Mt Gladstone (3 routes)
Valley Hodder River (0 routes)
Valley Otterson Stream, Winterton River and Tone Rivers (0 routes)
Range Spray Hills (0 routes)
Range Red Hills (0 routes)
Mountain Pt 1446 (0 routes)
Mountain Pt 2007 (0 routes)
Mountain Pt 2022 (0 routes)
Mountain Mt Symons (0 routes)
Mountain St Bernard (0 routes)
Mountain Dillon Cone (0 routes)
Mountain Turks Head (0 routes)
Mountain Pt 1835 (0 routes)
Mountain Pt 1775 (0 routes)
Mountain Pt 1715 (0 routes)
Mountain Pt 1652 (0 routes)
Mountain Black Mount (0 routes)
Mountain Beattie (0 routes)
Range Blue Mountain Range (0 routes)