Aeroplane Pk

(3 routes)

This name, along with Parachute Pass, commemorates an early and ill-fated experiment in the air dropping of supplies to a mountaineering party in the Kitchener Cirque in 1933. The peak was first climbed by Graham Bishop and Roger Barrowclough on December 27, 1961, from a camp on Moncrieff Col.

-42.930033290000, 171.886914300000
L33 192 080
BV21 092 464
Reference Title Grade Length Quality Bolts Gone Natural pro Edit link
The South Buttress. III 2+
The South Buttress is reached by traversing across from the Moncrieff Col route and then following directly up snow and shattered rock just west of the crest of the middle rib.
Bruce Robertson and Laurie Kennedy, Jan 1975.
The North Face. II 2
The North Face is a short rock climb from the Volta Névé. The hardest pitches occur on sound rock leading out of the windscoop surrounding the peak and into the east side of a shallow gully. After 30–50m cross to the west side of this gully and climb out to the ridge, where easy loose rock leads to the summit. Time from the névé to the summit is 1–2 hours.
Graham Bishop & Roger Barrowclough, Dec 1961
The North East Ridge. II 2
The North East Ridge is a straightforward rock climb taking about one hour from the névé.
Laurie Kennedy & Dave Inne, Feb 1969.
Allen Uren & John Cocks