The Floating Buttress

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A 150m tall and 150m tall "Floating Buttress" that is detached from Madeline's Skirt by a 1-1.5m chasm.

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The View From Within 19
The largest chimney feature in New Zealand, Combined with a bit of caving and a window to view the Tutoko valley from inside the mountain! 1. 40m Grade 15. A wandery pitch to the base of the mega chimney 2. 100m Grade 13. Climb 2-3 pitches on epic chimneying. Little to no protection. But solid belays onto of large chock stones. 3. 15m Grade 18. Bridge out of the top of chimney. Short steep hand jam boulder problem to gain belay onto of sofa sized chock stone 4. 50m horizontal Grade 8. Bridge sideways into a deep fold of Madeline's Skirt (The chasm behind the floating buttress). Continue until you find a window looking out through the buttress to the Tutoko river a 1000m below. 5. 20m Grade 17 (or 12 if you use the wall behind) Climb inside out crack to the top of the floating buttress
FFA Ben Grindle and Jimmy Finlayson 19th Feb 2021