Grey Wall

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Take Red Arete track and continue up scree and right to gully below the Grey Wall. Keep on the left side and up broken ledges rightwards to the base. Rap anchors in left gully for descent.

North East


Acces to the crag was very unstable, ended up in a free climb of a 3m high wall (14 grade i think :) to reach the wall which was wet, and mossy (ok this is not so wuprising in MAY) dd not climb and went to kingfishers slab which is great, and easy acces. Hiking out of the area was dangeorus, (down in the 14 grade route, than scrambling on VERY loose ground) wouldl not reccomend it.
Take extra precautions.

oh. this comment might sound like from somebody who just got out of a city, and overreacting, but I do live in the area and hike a lot, even off route so I am not a whiner, might be that a rockslip changed the scneario. ?