Ohau Range

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BZ14 425 896
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DUMB-BELL LAKE Ski Touring. 3
Maps G38, H38 Dumb-Bell Lake is on the Ohau Range and may be accessed from the Ohau Skifield. Discuss backcountry conditions with the Ohau Skifield ski patrol before setting off. After the skifield has shut at the end of the season, there may still be great skiing up there. Contact Lake Ohau Lodge for permission to go up the skifield road, and a key to unlock the gate. Permission for access is not always given, so phone in advance. A road toll of $5 per car, and additional security may be required for the key. From the top of the lifts at Ohau, climb steeply for about 15 minutes in boots to the top ridgeline, where there are excellent views down into the Maitland valley. Skin along the ridgeline to the south, just less than 2km, to Mount Sutton (2007m). To reach Dumb-Bell Lake, either pick a steep line from near the summit, or swing around the peak’s western shoulder (point 1942) to find easier slopes. After skiing in the basin that contains the lake, one may return to Ohau skifield via the way of access. Alternatively, there is a hut to stay in down in the Maitland valley. Maitland Hut is a four bunk DoC hut in the bush at 960m elevation (G38: 498605). Snowy Gorge Creek Hut (DoC, 5 bunks) may also be accessed via Dumb-Bell Lake, and used as a base for the region (G38: 465531).
OHAU RANGE Ski Touring. 3
Maps G38, H38, H39 There is a DoC walking track that starts from the Lake Ohau Lodge, or alternatively from the Glen Mary ski club lodge, and follows marker poles to reach Freehold Creek, where a good track with bridges over side-creeks, climbs through the bush to the bushline at 1100m. There is great camping in the high basins in the northern headwaters, near spot elevation 1479 on the topomap, accessed via steep slopes. Easier slopes to the SW lead up to a saddle with the Ahuriri River East Branch. This can be used to access the Ohau Range to the south, and Ohau Peak (1916m). There is great skiing into the basins on the eastern side of this ridge. This trip can also be linked up with Dumb-Bell Lake. From the saddle with the Ahuriri River East Branch, climb past the tarn marked “1514” and to a saddle at location 501543. Ski down to the north through a basin, and climb to another saddle between the two peaks marked 1922 and 1929, from which it is possible to ski down to Dumb-Bell Lake.


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