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Crossing Stewart Saddle

First ascent
First crossing, BJ McGlinchy, DG Boddy, G Willberg, 7th January 1958.
Located on

  • P1

From the Godley Glacier, use easy snowslopes on the Amherst Glacier or nearby to access the saddle. Crevasses are a potential problem later in the season. On the Bettison side, sidle across to the rock rib (I35 147506) on the true right of the glacier above the icefall and descend this bedrock (or snow nearby) to the valley floor. Some steeper sidling will be required accessing the rib from the upper glacier, otherwise the route is relatively easy. Gravel and boulders lead down to long tussock in the Bettison Basin. Travel on down is covered under Bettison Stream.