Port Hills Bouldering

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Bouldering and Ddry tooling arewas around the Port Hills

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Refer Guidebook

Guide by Tony Burnell, contains some good, some bad and some ugly.


"Grades: So subjective as to be pretty irrelevant..." I disagree. I'm new to the area and would like to find a zone with say v1-v5. Getting the grade to within +/- 3 would still be quite useful... far less irrelevant than the name someone come up with one afternoon long ago.

Bouldering guide added, please download and use, please do not upload to climbing websites or data bases. Has some good, some bad and some ugly and some thta have been subsequently bolted probably by ARA

New V7 on yellow end of lower boulder. SS centre of face, eliminate both the left and right foot ledge. FA: 17/5/19. Chur!

You can click edit and correct the description. Takes the same time as posting about the grammar.

Unless it's been re purposed as a wedding venue I'm pretty sure this is still the bridle path.