The Escarpment

(3 routes)

The Escarpment comprises a long section of crag encompassing two alcoves capped by horizontal blocks, the right most of these has a space through which you can climb, and in fact, is by Alan Hills "Strange But True". The left most section comprises a small (4.0mts high) steep, amphitheatre, split by several steep crack lines, right of this is the first of two alcoves, there is a prominent right facing corner at the left side which leads up to the roof.


The following routes are to the R of The Superbowl 50m R of the fenceline. A huge flat rock forms a bridge/tunnel across the top of the cliff.

Reference Title Grade Length Quality Bolts Gone Natural pro Link to edit content
Psychological Problems 19
wire representing trad 1
At the LH end of the large OH to the L. Start up on ledge, ,mone up and R into scoop, then up wide bulging crack.
Pete Gresham, 2004
Ornithosis Groove 16
wire representing trad
4m to the L is a corner system. Start on ledge. Step up and L onto hollowed-out ledge, then into niche (#3 cam). Up corner on excellent rock, finishing either through cracked bulge, or on the R.
Alan Hill, 2004
Strange But True 13
wire representing trad
Climbs through the hole, with an awkward start up a short groove on the L.
Alan Hill, 2004