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Mt Wilkinson

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peak adjacent to Locke Stream Hut on the Taramakau River

  • 1430m



peak adjacent to Locke Stream Hut on the Taramakau River


from Locke Stream Hut on the upper Taramakau River

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  From Locke Stream Hut, follow up Locke Stream, then Wilkinson Creek. At the junction with the first tributary coming in on the true left (at approx 1000m asl UPDATED Feb 2017) - choose the easiest way up loose and steep but well vegetated terrain to the main ridge just South of the summit (as indicated on the attached map) or to the NE ridge. Descent down the long bushy ridge to the Taramakau River is preferable to retracing the upward route. (The initial scrub barrier however is memorable.). UPDATE Feb 2017 - Decent down from the NE ridge is straightforward but requires care in the steep tussocks & gullies - takes about 1 hour from the summit to the junction at 1000m asl and avoids the scrub & bush work. Updated by Daryll Thomson after ascent in Feb 2017

Stewart Robertson 2007

Stewart Robertson
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