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Located on

  • P1
  • Alpine (Technical) 5

Grade 5 Multi-day, hut-based. From Kelman Hut, or standing on the Tasman Saddle itself, you get a stunning view to the North across the upper Murchison Glacier. The Murchison is often skied from the huts of the upper Tasman, by descending the Murchison headwall onto the upper glacier. In the upper Murchison you can find slopes which face North, East and South, so it’s worth exploring from the huts to find the good snow. Beware of the headwall of the Murchison, it is a steep slope and at times may be prone to both slab avalanche and rockfall. It may be necessary to remove skis and ascend on foot. With the increasing number of guided ski touring parties, if you are lucky you may find that a group has been this way before you and cut a nice track all the way up the headwall slope back to Kelman Hut! The NZAC-owned Murchison Hut (currently closed) is also used as a base. The hut has 10 bunks, kitchen equipment and a radio. Elevation 1900m, grid reference 994399. Ski planes from Mt Cook village can land in the upper Murchison and from there it’s only a 150m climb to Murchison Hut.

James Broadbent.