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Armadillo Saddle

Located on

  • P1

NB. The best crossing point is the saddle at ~2170m, between spot height 2220m and The Ant-hill (however Armadillo Saddle, as marked on maps, is fine). From the Murchison Glacier either follow easy scree and snow slopes to the pass or see the alternative route description below. The pass allows access to the east linking with the north branch of the Rutherford Stream, which descends into the Godley Valley. This is the easiest route to get from the upper Murchison to the Godley Valley. From the Godley: Follow the north branch of the Rutherford Stream and then scree slopes to the saddle. Considerable avalanche danger may exist during winter and spring after new snowfall. This is regarded as the easiest and most convenient route from the Tekapo-Godley region to the upper Murchison Valley. It is also a popular crossing for ski tourers. Descending to Murchison Glacier: from the crossing point (~2170m, described above) traverse right (north) above bluffs without losing height at first, then follow a distinct ramp down to the Harper Valley floor. Follow the valley and descend the moraine wall to the Murchison Glacier on the true left of the stream.

Alex Palman