Elephant Buttress

(10 routes)

This is the large buttress of rock between The Lower Bluff and The Tombstone area. It
starts after ThunderGod and Captain Caveman on The Lower Bluff.


To get to these routes either walk along the base of the cliff one hundred meters right of
the Predator boulder or on the path to The Point just before the split rock passage after
the toilet is a rock marked Elephant. From this follow a path marked by cairns up the hill
to the base of Elephant Hunting (which is also marked by a painted rock).

Reference Title Grade Length Quality Bolts Gone Natural pro Link to edit content
L Taniwha Crackdown 17 30m
wire representing trad
Ten meters left of Elephant Hunting. A fun line that follows a random crack system Climb first up a left leaning slab and then straight up through slightly steep rock. Joins Elephant Hunting at the manuka tree belay. Named in honour of Nathan surviving the cave collapse.
Gerard Tarr & Nathan Kelly Dec 2012
M Elephant Hunting 19 ,15 35m
wire representing trad
Elephant Hunting: an overwrought expedition into the darkest depths of the unknown. Pitch 1 and the left hand grade 13 finish can be linked. Descend by the fixed rope down the gully at the back of the climb or in two abseils via the manuka tree belay.
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Aesthetic slab with a left slanting seam into a flaring chimney corner, exit this (crux) then
climb up and right to belay at the manuka tree. Spaced but adequate protection.


Traverse right to a ledge then follow either a crack on the left up to a flax bush (13) or
finish right up a right facing corner crack (15).

Gerard Tarr and a very patient Jenny Byrne Feb. 2012
Trunk Line 16 30m
wire representing trad
Climb the big dihedral right of Elephant Hunting. Take plenty of slings for the stumps and tree trunk and a set each of cams, wires and hexes. Climb a few metres past the big tree to end on the ledge next to the access gully and rope. Belay off the same tree and back up with trad if you wish.
FFA David Garrity, Bryce Martin 14/5/16
N Flight of the Pachyderm 23 40m
An impressive line up a slab then through two overhangs right of the first pitch of E.H. A tough on site. Lower off the thirty meter anchor above the second overhang or belay on a shady ledge at the top and scramble off at the back of the ledge on the left hand side. (long slings useful)
Gerard Tarr Jan 2013
Claim Jumper 16 30m
wire representing trad
The corner and crack system right of 'Flight of the Pachyderms'. You can use a full range of Cams,Hexes and Wires. Finish at the 30m double chain belay on 'Flight of the Pachyderms'(traverse a couple of metres left). Bryce wonders if it has been done as some of the trees were chopped some time ago.
FFA Bryce Martin, David Garrity 15/5/16
O Irrelephant 15 8m
wire representing trad
Flaring chimney up and left of the top of Elephant Hunting, access route to the top tier.
Gerard Tarr solo Apr. 2012
P Hooptedoodle Slab 10 7m
wire representing trad
The low angle slab is gained by a mantle (crux) off the ledge, Some protection at the top.
Gerard Tarr, Nikolas Martinelli
Q Elephant’s Revenge 17 15m
wire representing trad
Ten meters right on top of Irrelephant is a lay back off width splitter to left facing corner on excellent rock.
Gerard Tarr, Nik Martinelli Mar. 2012.
R Cicada Death March 22 22m
wire representing trad
Five meters right of Elephant’s Revenge. Snaking crack through three slightly steep bulges. Gear-at-waist cruxes.
Gerard Tarr, Mia Kvale Lovmo Mar. 2012.
Lions, Tigers & Bears 21 17m
wire representing trad
Two meters right of Cicada Death March. Traverse in from the right to a manuka tree at one third height, then up a funky steep hand crack corner / flake.
Dan Head, Gerard Tarr, Ruth Sayger 16-03-12