Batpole Wall

(7 routes)

This is really a continuation of the Little Eiger feature. From Little Eiger, walk right around the corner and up the gully beneath the sometimes broken cliff. The first compact wall you come to is the Batpole Wall.

North West

To descend abseil or lower from the anchor on the ledge.

-39.294720000000, 174.082317000000
P20 034 117
BJ29 933 500
Reference Title Grade Length Quality Bolts Gone Natural pro Link to edit content
Java Cat 24 20m
wire representing trad
To the left of Return of the Ape. Technical fine climbing with limited small protection.
Zane (from Australia), Dave Bolger, 17/04/00
1 Return of the Ape 22 25m
wire representing trad
Technical steep climbing on polished upper part of wall 15m left and above To the Batpole.
Dave Bolger, Glen Aspin, 09/03/02.
wire representing trad
To the left of To the Batpole is a wall with an old, loose piton in the crack. A Rock #2 can be placed sideways upright somewhere on the climb. Take a rack of RPs and heaps of guts if this route is to be tried. Probably about grade 25 or 26.
2 To the Batpole 21 30m
wire representing trad
Scramble up to the base of the smooth wall. Climb the obvious finger crack to the well-worn belay bollard or carry on for another 15m or so over easy broken ground.
Neil Parker, Chris Morris, 7 April 1985
3 Jaded 21 30m
wire representing trad
The thin seam immediately right of To the Batpole.
Lionel Clay, 7 March 1987
4 Pistol Pete 21 30m
wire representing trad
Climb broken ground to gain the arête right of Jaded. Belay as for the other routes.
Dave Bolger, Glen Aspin, 9 January 1999
5 Planet Hemp 18 30m
wire representing trad
The crack right of the previous three routes. Great layback crack at one third height. Fixed tat to rap off. Belay as for Pistol Pete.
Dave Bolger, Glen Aspin, 19 February 2001