Poet Hut to Mungo headwaters

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To access the upper Mungo, leave the track from Poet Hut to Toaroha Biv at about the 660-metre
contour and follow the recently recut side track that leads to Saddle Creek and the Mungo riverbed.
Travel up valley is then on bedrock, river boulders and gravel. When the river cuts in against bluffs on
the true right and the valley is more open, cross to the true left. The riverbed on the true left is now
used to the Mungo–Park forks. About 300 metres below Brunswick Creek there are hot spring seeps
in sand, and 50 metres upstream of Brunswick Creek there is usually a hot pool on the true left of the
Mungo in gravelly boulders. Brunswick Creek is swift and can be awkward to cross. There is a campsite
on the true right of the creek, just above the forks.
Good travel in Brunswick Creek gives easy access to Mungo Pass and some upper basins from
which Main Divide peaks can be approached. Above the Mungo–Park forks, the Mungo River has a
short gorge (directly south of Mungo Hut). A track up to Mungo Hut (four bunks) from the forks was
recut by DOC in February 2009. Another track, from Mungo Hut via a creek bed back to the Mungo
River, bypassing the gorge, was recut by volunteers in April 2009. Above here, the Mungo can be followed
on gravel until under Hokitika Saddle. Park Stream is good travel all the way from the Mungo–Park forks to its head under Commodore
Ridge. About 200 metres upstream from Sokota Creek a scree gully leads to the ridge between The
Rampart and Pt 2006 metres.
Times : Poet Hut to Mungo Hut, 3 hrs

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