Paske Creek, upper Rainbow River, and Begley Creek

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Drains into Upper Wairau Valley.


From the Rainbow Junction flats just above the gorge, stock tracks up terraces on the true left of Paske Creek lead to Paske Hut (6 bunks, standard). About 1½ hours travel up the Rainbow there is a second fork; the north branch gives access to a delightful tussock basin under Kehu Peak, and the south branch leads to Mts Paske and McKay, and a good saddle to the large tarn source of the East Sabine.
Begley Creek
From the Rainbow Junction flats, a track leads to Begley Hut (8 bunks, standard) and saddles with Connors Creek and the Hamilton River.


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Mountain Mt Weld (1 route)
Mountain Mt Dora (3 routes)
Mountain Cotterell Pk (5 routes)
Mountain Kehu Pk (9 routes)
Mountain Belvedere Pk (2 routes)