Jordan Stream Route

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Follow up Jordan Stream to the major fork, and continue up the true left branch till at 700m where the stream swings west. Climb a large scree slope north onto the major spur running north-west. The spur levels at 1500m, where there are campsites, with water in the head of Range Stream. Continue to the tops surrounding the head of Happy Valley Stream, follow around the rim and north to the summit. A long but straightforward route.

Natural pro: 


Best route up stream is to start south side of bridge and look for vague gravel 'trail' up centre of the wide stream bed. Faster and avoids multiple stream crossings than if you follow alongside the stream. We gained ridge up scree to bushes just east of the major slip at the large corner in the true left branch. Slightly lower than the 700m mentioned above. Upper ridge to pt 1400 (ish) is good old loose kaikouras terrain... Nice camp site on flat ridge just before pt 1910. From here to summit return about 6 hrs. On way out, descend off 1400 and then look for access to the large scree fan (west of the one we ascended) giving long scree descent to the creek. Took us 4 hours from camp at 1900 to cars this way.

Update September 2017 (for changes caused by the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake): The slip mentioned in the comment from November 2014 became much larger and very ugly in the earthquake, so you probably can't get up that way. The scree that goes most of the way down to Jordan Stream TL branch, just upstream of the 700m contour, is OK though. Also the water in the main Jordan Stream currently tastes bad due to the effects of the earthquake, but we found clear water in a small tributary on the TL just where you turn off to go up the scree.