The Grave Talbot Pass

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The original descent involved a more direct and frightening route down to the valley floor. A number of abseils were needed. This was the first crossing from Wakatipu to Milford.

-44.737832520000, 167.963447570000
D40 113 956
CB08 012 338
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The Grave Talbot Pass
The route crosses a snowfield from above Talbot's Ladder to a notch in a rock rib called Lyttle's Dip. From the Dip scramble through a hole in the rock then down a gully for three or four metres before exiting onto a narrow right trending ledge system, then across another snowfield to a notch at about the same height, the Grave Talbot Pass (incorrectly labelled on Topomap D40). From the pass descend right down steep snowgrass bluffs before traversing left (westward) on a high terrace right across the cirque to lower angled slopes above the De Lambert Falls. It is still possible to find the rusted cables of the Grave Talbot Pass along the traverse.
William Grave, Arthur Talbot, Jan 1910.
Craig Jefferies